About Us

My approach to every divorce or family matter can be summed up as a commitment to excellence. Simply put, I am committed to delivering excellent representation and client service from the beginning of a matter until its conclusion. With more than 30 years of experience, I define excellence not just in the results I am able to obtain for my clients, but in how I am able to manage the legal process for them.

Divorce and other family law matters can test any person’s values and integrity. Perhaps most importantly, I define excellence in how I help my clients reach an outcome that aligns with their values. By cultivating strong attorney-client relationships, I will understand your values and how best to serve them.


Many times in divorce, the parties will be able to resolve their issues through negotiations, mediation or collaborative law. In other situations, litigation may be the only way for spouses to resolve their differences. I will not shy from a battle if that is necessary to protect your interests, but I will not start one either. I do have substantial experience in cases with a high degree of conflict; this serves my clients well in particularly contentious divorces.

Further, you can rely on me to fully understand the legal, procedural and strategic implications of every decision we will make. As a result, I will be able to help you understand the possible obstacles in your case and how to overcome them. Whenever necessary, I apply innovative solutions to help my clients realize their goals.


While based in Dallas, I take on family matters for people across Texas. Call (972) 852-8500 to schedule a consultation