Your divorce will bring part of your life to an end while simultaneously beginning a new chapter of your life. While divorce can be a traumatic event, your choice of attorney can play a major part in how this new chapter of your life takes shape. I am Dennis A. Fuller, Attorney at Law. My law firm represents clients in all parts of divorce, including:

Your divorce could be resolved in many different ways. Whenever possible, less adversarial approaches to dispute resolution, such as collaborative law, mediation and negotiations, give people more control over how to resolve their differences. These methods of dispute resolution tend to be less expensive. Perhaps most importantly, mediation, collaborative law and negotiations can minimize the strain and strife divorce can place on you and your children. When litigation is the only alternative, I draw on more than three decades of litigation experience to present a strong case.


I take a different approach to divorce relative to other family lawyers. While most spouses have taken all reasonable measures to preserve their marriage, there may be situations in which therapy or counseling could help sustain a family in jeopardy. Obviously, if divorce cannot be avoided, you can rely on my law firm to effectively guide you through the process.

I also draft and review pre- and postmarital agreements, and seek and defend people seeking protective or restraining orders. Whatever your situation entails, you can depend on me to deliver attentive client service, pragmatic counsel and tireless advocacy.


While my law firm is based in Dallas, I regularly represent clients across the state. Call 972-852-8500 to schedule a consultation.